“What’s in the box? What’s in the box?” Detective Mills

As collectors, we care about these brown boxes that companies package their art boxes in, particularly Hot Toys and Sideshow. For me, it’s not just an OCD need to be “complete.” Brown boxes have a practical storage function. It takes up a little more space in your home, but it’ll protect your art boxes inside and keep them mint as possible. And that can only help your resell value.

Because we sell vintage items that may or may not include brown boxes, we feel we need to address this issue. Here are some key points regarding brown boxes when shopping at Toy Mojo:

  • All LATEST and PREORDER items will come to you the way the manufacture packaged it. So if it originally has a brown box, then you will get it! If it’s not marked as vintage, then there is no need to ask, you will get it!
  • VINTAGE items may or may not include a brown box. We will always let you know in the “additional information” section of each product page.
  • Sometimes the inventory of a particular VINTAGE figure will include a mixture of ones with brown boxes and ones without. When that’s the case, we price it differently, and you will have a choice prior to adding the item to the shopping cart.
  • When ordering multiple figures, one of my pet peeves is when sellers remove the brown boxes to fit everything in their shipping box. When you order multiple figures at Toy Mojo, we will not do that unless you specifically ask us to because you want to save on the cost of shipping.
  • On the flip side, when ordering a single figure, one of my pet peeves is when a seller uses the brown box as the main shipping box. A certain distributor, you know who they are, is guilty of this. This is not good practice because there is no cushioning between the brown box and the art box. So if the brown box gets squeezed during shipment, then your art-box inside is also squeezed. It’s fascinating to me why they think this is an okay practice when we’re dealing with $200+ collectibles. At Toy Mojo, we will double box for you!